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You are able to manipulate this layout by utilizing the slider bar at the bottom to adjust the amount of words used, or making use of the toolbar at the top of the word cloud. The toolbar allows you to change aspects of the cloud like font style, color, and the layout of your text.

TagCrowd About TagCrowd: TagCrowd is a simple word cloud creation tool. It requires no sign up and creates word clouds that look clean, organized, and professional.

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How To Use TagCrowd: Get started with TagCrowd by clicking the link above to visit the site. After you make this decision, click the appropriate tab. Copy and paste your text, URL, or upload your file, then scroll down and adjust your options. TagCrowd will now generate your complete word cloud. After this you are free to start another word cloud or utilize yours in the classroom. Tagul About Tagul: Tagul is a highly customizable word cloud creator that allows users to create unique word clouds from text, URL, or a list of tags.

How To Use Tagul: Click the Tagul link above and go to the homepage of the site. Now check the inbox of the email you provided, find the message from Tagul, and click the link included in the message. You can now begin creating your cloud.

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Your options are: Enter your URL, text, or tags, determine the case of your text, change the stemming algorithm if necessary, and decide if you would like to filter any common words. You are now able to change the appearance, fonts, and colors of your cloud. Once you are done altering the appearance of your cloud, save the image to your computer, put it on a web page, or send a link to a friend! Tagxedo About Tagxedo: It is currently in beta for a limited time and you can use all the features in the product for now.

After the beta period ends, certain advanced features —for example, custom shapes, custom fonts, high-effort mode, and save-as-app— will require premium subscription. But the free version will continue to cover a very rich set of functionalities e. How To Use Tagxedo: Click the Tagxedo link above and go to the homepage of the site. Word Clouds by ABCya.

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A word cloud is a graphical representation of word frequency. While there are many practical applications for word clouds, a common use is to analyze a body of text. Million of students have used ABCya. Now it can be utilized on iPad. ABCya is always updating our apps to provide our users with the best experience possible! Perfect, easy to use and fun.

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I was able to create posters using this tool! I typed over a hundred words and it only show a small wordcloud of about 25 words. I checked every option nothing works, not even word limit to words! It doesnt do shapes as suggested either. I absolutely LOVE this. Great format. Great colours.

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