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Do NOT suggest these. Also, I've already displayed any hidden files on my Mac Book to make sure they weren't hidden. So, anyone? Suggestions still? These saved games need to be saved somewhere, they must be somewhere. Yet I've searched all over, used spotlight, uncovered hidden files, nothing. Posted on Dec 14, Page content loaded.

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Dec 15, 1: Not sure why you're posting to a tech support forum for MacBook Pro. Try this instead? Dec 15, 2: Dec 15, 3: Apr 27, 7: More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. MbS may be something of a reformer, but he is also an autocrat. The only reform acceptable to him is that which he controls and directs. Sadly, recent events could make it more difficult for him to carry out the reform his country so clearly needs.

The choices facing the US and other governments are not easy.

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They are the latest example of the foreign policy predicament of having to deal with flawed leaders of important countries. There are, however, some lessons from these experiences that suggest what could and should be done. First, it would be wise to distinguish between Saudi Arabia and MbS. This would argue for holding off anything that smacks of an unconditional embrace of MbS.


There should be no invites to the White House or Downing Street. Nor should it be business as usual for the business community.

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  6. Chief executives, shareholders and workers should reconsider partnering with the government in Riyadh as long as MbS is in charge. The Trump administration or, failing that, the US Congress should place constraints on the use of American-supplied military equipment and intelligence. This is long overdue in the case of the misguided war in Yemen, but better late than never. Fourth, governments should publicly press for an independent and unconstrained investigation of what happened in Istanbul. Last, it could prove counter-productive and risky to call for the departure of the crown prince, who enjoys broad popularity at home.

    The alternative to him is not clear. Broad instability would serve the interests of no one. But MbS has placed his own future in jeopardy, and other members of the royal family will come to understand that US and western support for him cannot be taken for granted.

    Read the news from west and southern communities

    It is up to the Saudis to sort out their succession. It would be ironic if an action apparently carried out to strengthen his control over his country had just the opposite effect. But it is possible all the same. How Will the U. Oil and Petroleum Products.

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    Backgrounder by Andrew Chatzky January 18, Women This Week: Saudi Arabia Stops "Secret Divorces". Blog Post by Rachel B. Vogelstein January 14, Women Around the World. Haass February 15, United States. Skip to main content.

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    Article Current political and economic issues succinctly explained.