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When to Use Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool The Norton software removal tool is designed to only remove damaged Norton products or failed installations; it will not remove or affect any other programs or downloads. How to use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool: Follow the provided instructions.

Restart your machine. Select the Norton application to be uninstalled in the Uninstall Symantec Products window. Click Uninstall and confirm the program to be deleted.

How to Remove Norton from Mac without a Hitch

An admin account password will be required. Thus, owners of Norton Security should do the following:. When the downloading is successfully completed, you have to do the following:. Note that to run the Terminal , you should have administrative privileges ;. Note that all work in other applications has to be saved because the command restarts the Mac ;.

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Despite the fact that the described-above approaches to removing the utility have been proposed by the vendor, it is recommended to check for leftovers of the antivirus that might be scattered all over your drive. The following section of the article details a method of removing all traces of Nortel antivirus from a Mac.

How to delete Norton Registry Keys

To completely eradicate all leftovers of the antivirus from the Mac, it is necessary to use the Terminal. This method requires a bit of technical skill; therefore, its use is recommended for experienced Mac owners who are not afraid of the Mac OS X command line.

This broad search will show binaries,. The following file paths will lead you to locations in which the app components reside:.

Uninstall Norton AntiVirus on Mac OS X.

The alternative approach to removing Norton from the Mac is to utilize third-party cleaning apps that are freely available on the Web. The upside of this approach lies in the fact that it is much quicker than the manual removal of application leftovers, which can be quite tedious. Thus, to sweep a hard drive of your Mac from unnecessary Norton-related files, thereby freeing up additional storage space, download a cleaning utility.

Install it on your Mac and follow instructions created by a vendor to delete the antivirus and all of its files and folders.

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How to Uninstall Norton Antivirus on Mac? Thus, owners of Norton Security should do the following: From the Finder, navigate to the Applications folder; Once in the folder, open the Symantec Solutions folder; Find Symantec Uninstaller and double-click on it; Check the box next to the Norton product you are willing to delete; Click on the Uninstall button;.

When the downloading is successfully completed, you have to do the following: