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I am running VirtualBox 4. • View topic - USB drives not attached to guest VM

This all seems to be running well with no problems and my USB drive is visible and accessible in the host OS but not in the guest Windows. I have followed the instructions in the online User Manual, and have tried at least half a dozen times to attach the USB drive to the Windows 7 machine but without success. At no time do I get any error messages of any sort.

Could someone please help with this problem? The main problem is that for USB storage devices you can't have two computers your guest VM and the host accessing the device at the same time. What usually happens is that the host will snatch the device and mount it on the desktop before the guest has a chance to see it.

The solution to this is to create a filter as described starting on page 52 of the User Manual under USB support ha, I bet you didn't see that coming. The filter will then allow the guest to grab the device from the host.

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It's usually best to create the filter your guest needs to be shutdown first , then unplug the USB device and start the guest and wait for it to complete startup, and then plug the USB device into the computer. If the stars are aligned and the gods are smiling on you, you may actually see the device in the guest.

Configuring USB

I have tried playing with filters with limited success. They work sometimes, but this method seems to work almost every time. Hope this helps. I'm well aware a USB drive is useable by only a single computer. I have the latest versions of VirtualBox and Guest Additions installed.

While in my guest OS I can see that the device is checked for use under the guest. But I still don't have access to it.

How to use your USB Drive in VirtualBox (Mac/Windows/Linux)

I'm guessing a VB update somewhere along the line broke this functionality. It used to work flawlessly for me. See this to do it: USB drives not attached to guest VM by ed. With the extension pack install I then was able to enable USB 2.

How to enable USB in VirtualBox

I also added the device to the filter list. Now I can access the drive without issues.

I had done all the steps you mentioned, but the thing that was tripping me up was the need to shut down the guest OS before trying to enable the USB controller. If you try to do it with the guest OS running, the checkbox is greyed out and you can't enable the controller. So, to reiterate: Install the Oracle extension pack mentioned below 2. Fire up VirtualBox, but make sure the guest OS is shut down 3. Oh, and if your host OS grabs the device first, just eject it from there and the guest OS will find it and mount it ed.

Type the following command into the Command Prompt window, replacing with the number of the disk you found above, and press Enter. VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename C: You can replace C: This command creates a virtual machine disk VMDK file that points to the physical drive you select. Next, open VirtualBox as Administrator.

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Right-click the VirtualBox shortcut and select Run as administrator. VirtualBox can only access raw disk devices with administrator privileges. Create a new virtual machine by clicking the New button and go through the wizard. Select the operating system on the USB drive when prompted. Be sure the USB drive is the first disk in the list. The process is basically the same on Linux and Mac host systems.

The Open Foam wiki has some tips and workarounds that may help you adapt this process to Linux or Mac hosts. Booting from a standard ISO file is still the most well-supported way to install — or just boot — an operating system in VirtualBox or other virtual machine programs.

Installing the latest version of VirtualBox

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