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Avid Knowledge Base. Installation Instructions Please Note: Verify that Pro Tools is installed on your system. Quit the Pro Tools application if it is open. Locate the Pro Tools 9.


Follow the on screen instructions. When installation is complete, restart your computer.

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To do a "clean install" of Pro Tools 9. The full installers do not require any previous installation of Pro Tools.

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On Mac OS X: Download the Pro Tools 9. On Windows 7: Owners of the boxed version of Pro Tools 9 that do not have access to downloadable full installers can install Pro Tools 9. Driver Downloads and Updates for Pro Tools 9. Average Rating: No Rating. Searching criteria Your question typed: All Filters Products: Hi, Sorry for not making sence, I am just super confused.

The ilok device manager is now saying that I had an ilok 2 black with blue light attached to Pro Tools 9 which I did not have.

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I did lend my computer, MBox and Pro Tools to a friend who did some recording a fellow student at the time and I am unsure if it could be her ilok that is connected to my Pro Tools licence? I do not know if this is still making sence. I just need to know how I can transfer my licence from an ilok that is on my account but not mine so I guess technically lost?

Please if any of this does not make sence please ask again. I'm starting to suspect not, log out and in again When you connect that old iLok with the Pro Tools 9 license asset on it to your computer what exactly does the ILM show you is on the iLok? I took this out so no one else could use it RMA Number: Attached Thumbnails. That shows the Pro Tools 11 license in your account.

Pro Tools 9 ilok license - Avid Pro Audio Community

It is not on an iLok yet. You need to go buy an iLok2 dongle, and then you can drag the license from your account into the iLok. Look where the ilok1 and ilok2 are listed - they say zero activations. This means the two iLok dongles associated with your account are both empty. When I plug in the ilok 2 dongle and try to drag it over it says that it needs the licence for the Pro Tools 9.

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The attachment shows what it does So that means you must surrender your PT9 license, wherever it is. Since this is an upgrade, they take the old license and give you the new ones. I don't know what you mean about the ilok - you say the PT9 license is on someone else's ilok that is linked to your account, but it's lost? Are you using two separate iLok accounts? And I have no idea what the RMA you are talking about for.

An RMA is for returning a damaged iLok to pace If not what exactly is the RMA for? Do you have the upgrade instructions in front of you and following them step by step? I have followed the upgrade steps. There was another ilok2 attached to my ilok account that was not mine, that is what the RMA is.

That is fine that they want to take the old licence to give me the new one, but the old licence is not on my ilok1 for some reason? It has been there before and now it has gone. I am confused. I am only using one ilok account. I didn't know if it was possible for the other person to be on my account and put the licence on their ilok? I am not sure if that is even possible, I am just really confused and I really was hoping that I could do some recording whilst I have the time Thank you both for your responses too.

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