Find port number from mac address

I believe the commands you are looking for are one of the following: Atis, You are right Atish Bakshi via cisco-infrastructure-l To: Lee Kian Aun Sent: August 01, On a Cisco switch, you can issue the ""sh cam dcbd"" command. The output is too wide to include in this reply If the port that is reported is a trunked port, then the MAC is on another switch.

Locating a Host Port by IP Address

Although your original port is over a year old, I hope this still helps you. I am able to get the mac-address from the ip address when i do ""show ip dhcp binding snooping"" at the core switch.

But when I move on to the Edge switch to check which PC with this Mac address connected to the port,i returned with no result. How to solve this problem? April 09, Note, if you are connecting to the switch from the endpoint you are unplugging you will not get the syslog message because you will have cut connectivity. Just telnet yourself into the switch, then unplug the device, then replug it.

  1. On a Layer 2 switch:;
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  3. Locating a Host Port by IP Address -!
  4. How to find port it connected to a switch using mac-address/ip add?.
  5. On a Layer 3 switch:.

The switch will write a message which port was down and then up. The second commands prevents the duplicate ip error from popping up on pc's.

There is a Cisco bug for it but can't remember the id. Use 'show mac address-table' on the switch. You can also configure port descriptions to help find devices later too.

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At the switch, ping the IP address you want to find. If the address is on the same subnet as the switch's management address, an ARP request will be sent looking for the MAC address of the host.

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Now you can look at the ARP cache and find the MAC address of the host you are looking for show ip arp and its corresponding interface. You can also look for its MAC address table entry by issuing: I have created a few python scripts to help with this and to document the devices connected to the edge switches. The specific repositories are: Populates switch's arp table for devices that have timed out.

Find a host through its MAC address (Cisco)

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. On a Cisco Catalyst switch, I need to find what port an end device is connected to. How do I quickly find the port?

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Brett Lykins Brett Lykins 6, 5 26 I have to agree, LLDP is a lifesaver and non propietary On a Layer 3 switch: Log into the switch and issue the following command where ipaddress is the ip address of the host you are trying to locate: Run the following command:. This command will show you which port the MAC address is connected to.

If this port is connected directly to the host, congratulations, you've found it. If it's connected to a switch, you need to run the same command on the switch:. Note that you are not making any configuration changes, so you do not need access to enable mode.

Router shows the MAC address's host is located through Port 5.