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Drag and drop shapes into place—it's that easy. Outfit your entire organization with Lucidchart for about half the cost of running Visio. With multiple account levels, you'll find a plan that fits your needs. Choose Lucidchart, a Microsoft Visio for Mac solution that's perfect for you budget. Stuck without an online Visio for Mac alternative?

Stop launching painfully slow virtual machines. Just create a free account and you'll be diagramming in seconds. Work in real time with anyone in the world.

Avoid email attachment overload and single-user editing, and never worry about backups again. Transitioning to the cloud makes it easy to bring people together. Lucidchart makes collaboration a core feature. What sets ConceptDraw apart from the crowd is its focus on making presentations out of your diagrams and flow charts etc, allowing for one-click conversion of a graphing diagram into a presentation. The program also features tight integration with Visio, and not only does it support Visio file formats but can also integrate with an existing Visio library for seamless operation Windows only.

Check them all out at the source link below. Pencil Pencil is a freeware that will be a pleasure to use. Beyond that, Pencil is a great wire framing tool that can do graphing and diagramming really well for you. You get a ton of formatting options and can pretty much customise every aspect of your wireframe, flow chart or diagram to your liking. Open Source Availability: Gliffy is yet another online diagramming tool not unlike Lucidchart, but has considerably fewer options than our top pick.

1. Lucidchart

The biggest plus for this tool is that it relies on HTML 5 rather than Flash, making it suitable for any browser. There is Visio support, Google Drive integration, bunch of templates and themes to hit the ground running, and more. Draw is a part of the Libre Office suite, and not only does it make it possible to create professional grade drawings, but also equally powerful wireframes, flow charts, UML diagrams and the like.

There is no support for Visio files, though. Creately Creately is the last web-based tool in our list of best Visio alternatives for Mac, and for good measure. However, on the plus side, the interface of Creately is a sight to behold. You get all the usual stuff with Creately: Let us know in comments section.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This means less time sketching flowcharts and process flows manually.

Top 12 Free Alternatives To Visio For Mac

Diagrams dynamically update and change as you update the data that powers them such as via an Excel sheet or any other tool that has an API. Ardoq does not come cheap though. You can also read our review of Ardoq for more. SmartDraw is hard to beat as a powerful but far easier to use alternative to Visio. Its been around longer than almost any other diagramming software and all that experience, features and user interface know-how has clearly gone into SmartDraw Cloud for Mac users.

However, Microsoft Visio Online is now available in commercial Office subscriptions to both Mac and PC users but it only allows basic editing and viewing of Visio files and there are many limitations. Visio Online is definitely not a replacement for Visio on Mac.

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Mac users can however leave comments for other users in diagrams and Visio Online is also integrated with Skype for Business for Mac so that stakeholders can discuss diagrams with others. However, there are some free alternatives to Visio that allow a certain amount of diagram making for free. You will find however that there are strict limitations on them such as the number of diagrams, tools and files you can save.

The cost of dedicating a team of developers and engineers to creating and maintaining a macOS version of Visio is not considered economically viable by Microsoft. Naturally, Microsoft also wants to keep its business users — which are the majority of Visio users — within the Windows ecosystem. The closest thing available is Google Drawings which is free and allows you to draw very basic diagrams in your browser. We hope this article has helped you find a replacement for Visio on your Mac but if you have any suggestions, comments or experiences with the software featured here, let us know in the comments below.

If you are willing to spend money on professional Visio alternative, and want to work with Visio files in a team, I would advise to look at ConceptDraw PRO. Thanks Frank. This post focused exclusively on paid alternatives as they are the most realistic solutions for professionals.

Awesome suggestion…. You may also try Nevron Draw — http: Bob, Thanks for the tip. You simply have to email the VSD file to vsdconverter csodessa. Wow, thanks a lot for informing about this. The native save format for Visio is VDS.

Visio for Mac | Lucidchart

Both Visio and ConceptDraw PRO 10 now save the graphic files in a compressed format that makes files much easier to handle. Thanks Panji. Since we do migrate on Macs in my company which are good news , I must to accept the fact of using a new tool which is not very easy for some people. But looks like there are several good analogues.

Thanks a lot to author. Glad it helped! Hope it helps you.

Diagram on your Mac

Thanks, great info! Which would you recommend if you have your own templates and stencils in Visio? Patty, Glad it helped you! OmniGraffle Pro now supports importing of Visio templates and stencils. You simply move copy the stencils into your OmniGraffle stencils directory or go to File and then open the stencil and OmniGraffle will prompt you to save it in your stencil folder.

I like using visio to put floor plans together for houses. I have not found a replacement I can put on my make so I have to keep a PC too just for this. I am not looking for any 3d software for home designs. Is there a close comparable program for MAC. All of the above are fine for creating floor plans on Mac, especially Omnigraffle unless there is something specific in Visio that you need for floor plans.

This article was very well done — informative an well written. I do not know when an update is in order, but bravo! You should add draw. LibreOffice Draw https: I used that on Windows.

It's an alternative to Visio for Mac

It did not crash like Visio did every time I used it. Impressively detailed review! Thank you very much!!! You may want to review MyDraw for Mac: They promised this feature and failed to deliver. Now they discontinue the ConceptDraw and have new ConceptDiagram which is the same yet new features, but again they failed with the import of Visio stencils. The stencils are imported but are horrible looking….

Yes we noticed that the support for Visio importing and exporting is still very poor in the new version of ConceptDraw Diagram.

Let us know if you ever hear back from ConceptDraw support. Here is the response from support: