How to justify text in word mac

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How to Fully Justify the Margins in Microsoft Word for the IMac |

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How to justify text in Microsoft Word

The screen shots below all include a fifth icon for Distributed Text which will show up if you have East-Asian language support installed. The command is available even if the language support is not installed, though. Because of the text used above, it looks like fully-justified text, but it is not. The text is not stretched to go all the way to the right Indent. The demonstration screen shot above shows full alignment with both a paragraph mark at the end of a short line and a line break at the end of a short line.

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First, permit me a slight rant. Don't use full justification! It makes your text look nice but it is harder to read! Also don't use hyphenation -- for the same reason. Reading is not done letter-by-letter.

ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Word, how do I justify text on a page?

The brain uses the shape of the word to determine a meaning, and even the shape of a sentence. Both full justification and hyphenation mess with those shapes. Done with rant; thank you for your tolerance. Fully justified text in newspapers and magazines is far more highly massaged than Word will do.

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This is through the use of kerning and ligatures. Full justification can be enhanced by using a Word Perfect compatibility option -- the only WP-compatibility option that I know of that is of any use. Thanks to Woody's Office Watch for this tip. It still doesn't make the text as easy to read as left-justification. This option is not available for documents set up for Word or later. If you do decide to use full alignment, just be aware that Word is a flawed tool to produce this kind of text.

Note that the WordPerfect option shifts text from line to line. If you do have that language support turned on, you will see five icons in the paragraph alignment area with the fifth one being for Distributed. Distributed should never be used in English for regular text.

Note above that in the last line the parantheses and period are counted as characters and space is used to stretch them as well.

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If you have language support turned on for any East Asian Language, the icon will be with your other paragraph formatting alignment options as shown. It is under All Commands as "Distributed. If you display the icon, it comes with the "tooltip" when you hover over it. Again, I would never use Distributed for anything other than a single line of text for a special purpose.

It does not , contrary to the tooltip shown, give a document a clean look! My thank to Rohn and Stefan Blom for the information about the Distributed option. The keyboard shortcut does show up for the command Distribute Para in printed lists of commands or of keyboard shortcuts generated by Word using the ListCommands command. As far as I know, its use is not documented by Microsoft's site, at least not in English.

All of the methods shown so far keep the same text on each line, they simply move the text to different positions on a line. That is not the case with the justification methods for Right-to-Left languages. They can ove words from line to line. They give three additional degrees of justification. Justify - Medium Notice that the High and Medium settings move words from line to line. Justification - Left and Right - Flush Right There are times when you want one column of text aligned to the left, and a second to the right.

In Word Perfect, this is called Flush-Right. In Word, this is done by use of Tab settings or Alignment Tabs that ignore those settings. On the Home tab, under Paragraph , click Justify Text.

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When you distribute text, space is added between characters so that both edges of each line are aligned with both margins. The last line in the paragraph is distributed as well. On the Home tab, under Paragraph , click Distributed Text. Adjust indents and spacing. Align objects. Align text or adjust the margins within a text box. Align text left, center, or right Click anywhere in the paragraph that you want to align. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, do one of the following: Click anywhere in the paragraph that you want to justify.

On the Home tab, under Paragraph , do one of the following: Distribute text When you distribute text, space is added between characters so that both edges of each line are aligned with both margins. Click anywhere in the paragraph where you want to distribute text.