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But I haven't seen a description of a I looked at detecting that we are running in interactive mode Scot 4, 2 27 Remote desktop to Mac with broken graphics card We have a mac with a broken graphicscard Lots of stripes etc. Is there some way to run it remotely without being disturbed by the graphics card?

Olav 2 Mike Hagstrom 13 1 4.

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I am connecting to a RDC server that uses a self-signed certificate to identify itself. As a consequence, when I However, when I start to type my user name and password the keyboard input freezes before I am finished and I get the spinning beach ball and can't log in. Michael 5 14 Is is possible to use remote desktop to a Mac via direct cable or wireless? I develop on Windows, but I need a Mac for iPhone development. So I'm thinking of getting a Mac mini or a MacBook for the Mac part, and connecting to it as needed from my Windows machine.

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Recently we updated ARD to the latest Greg C 6 2. I want to be able to access it from the network. Kentzo 4 Remote access of an iPad display from another iPad I've got an iPad and I was searching for new applications with new features. Currently I'm searching for an application by that I can remotely access another iPad screen just like Teamviewer. Dhaval 2 3 I want to give a demo to people remotely. I want them to be able to use any VNC client to view my current Mac desktop. Can I use the built-in screen sharing features to do that?

I'm using Mountain Chris Quenelle 6 Alexei Vinogradov 8. I use this when I connect to my work Mac from my home Mac. John Siracusa 1 4 This problem, however, started when I had Lion.

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But I can't remote Winter 6 1 2. I can share clipboard between mac and Windows XP but Windows7. Any idea how to make it work for Windows 7? Radek 2 3 8. Pep 3 5 How can I remotely control my iMac user desktop from a Windows computer?

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I know the IP address of my iMac and I have been able to ssh into the computer successfully, but I want to be able to control the desktop remotely from my Windows machine as well. How do I enable my Paul 2 8 I'm using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection tool with my MBP retina to connect to a Win7 system, but I can't get the resolution over x , even in full screen mode. Is this a limitation, Roddy 2 7 We are using an Windows R2 server in workgroup mode for simple file sharing, DNS requests, and to run an application that requires Windows.

I am trying Mort 3 9 Remote Desktop is incredibly slow for connecting to my Windows 7 PC. Why is to so slow?

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Are there other alternatives that will work faster? Anonymous 1, 6 27 How to know if Mac OS X machine is being remotely viewed? Currently I have no way to know if my machine is being remotely viewed by our tech support, and would prefer to know, given the massive privacy breach that would entail should this be happening. Authentication fails in Remote Desktop following Is it possible to achieve the same Bob 3 7 Multiple users working remote on one mac? Since we use windows-pcs, we think about buying only one Mac and all working remotely from our windows machines on this single Mac.

Is this possible? Konrad 5. I came across the script below here: Paul 36 1 3.

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