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My friend found that following this procedure minus step 4 completely fixed the SuperDrive in the MacBook Pro that had not worked in almost four years. As noted by the original poster,. We also highly recommend no one follows step 4 as putting any kind of liquid in a computer can have damaging, irreversible effects.

How to clean the lens of a slot-loading optical drive (a MacBook Pro's SuperDrive) | monline

The Buyer's Guide. US Edition. Log in. Sign up. Show More Results. Apple will reportedly reveal its news subscription service next month. Firefox offers clearer, more flexible privacy controls. Latest in Clean. Mon, I wish I would have thought of that…but glad you did…. Wed, Thx a bunch. You saved me 1k!

After that, it burned one DVD but nothing more. So I found this site and tried the credit card method using my thin health insurance card wrapped with a computer screen cleaning cloth that I sprayed with iKlean solution from the Apple Store.

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I inserted this in the drive a few times and tried burning at disc at the slowest possible speed. It worked! Thanks again for this invaluable tip as I was about to layout cash on replacing the drive!! I used a credit card wrapped in a piece of thin shirt fabric not t-shirt type, button down cotton type which I had lightly dampened with alcohol. Three or four tries of swiping it up and down in the slot and the DVD drive works great again.

Thu, Q-Tip won't fit but Good idea. I just might try this the next time my lens need cleaning. This worked! But I wrapped a paper towel around a credit card, dampened it with window cleaner and "wola", it works again. Thank you! And to think I was just about to swap drives with another MBP. It worked!!! Fri, Tue, At the end, could only read manufactured audioCD!

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I took a ordinary plastic card without magnetic tape or electronic part on it , wrapped it with a cloth to clean glasses lenses, inserted the card on the left side of the slot and my sister in law wedding photo CD that could not be read works perfect now!!! I imagine that taking apart the superdrive can be useful for severe dirt coating of the lens when the computer is used in a polluted atmosphere with greasy dust smoke from gas-oil, cigarette Thanks a lot for this thread.

MacBook Pro 15" 2,4GHz intelcore2duo. I put in the snow leopard cd and it is working again!! Thank you for this excellent tip. Michael, The Netherlands. I was lately having issues with reading low quality CD the ones you usually can find at 20 eurocents , but oddly I could still read all DVDs and some CDs.

Use this clever way to clean a Mac's SuperDrive

Thus, since my machine is functional but ancient, I tried wrapping the cloth I use for cleaning my glasses and if I didn't get then scratched A few seconds with a strip of paper towel over a credit card, sprayed with window cleaner and my drive is reading disks again! I was told by one Mac dealers in town that it was impossible to fix.

I basically, as you suggested use a credit card size plastic card covered with with a piece of tissue paper Klenex which was wetted with a little rubbing alcohol. I am aware that you had suggested a piece of cloth. Following that I used a Phillips CD cleaner.

Is It Safe To Use CD/DVD Cleaning Discs On a Mac?

This fixed my problem, of not being load and play my music CDs. By the way in the past the Phillips CD cleaner refused to load. After reading this thread, and looking at the photos of the internals of the drive, I simply wrapped my screen cleaning cloth around a plastic card similar to a CC, and pushed it in and out of the left hand side of the drive opening. Inserted a CD, and voila!!! Working like new. Quite a buildup of dust around the opening dust guards came away with the cloth too, so I'll be cleaning these from time to time from now on.

I didn't want to go through the hassle and cost of having it fixed. This solved all the issues in 3 seconds. It took longer to find a credit card and a bit of cloth than it did to use them. Thanks so much! Stuck it in three or four times, flipping the card over each time. It did the trick. Worked like a charm! OMG thank you!! This has been driving me nuts!!! I used a thin card medical card was thinner than credit card worked like a charm!!! Also, if using a credit card makes you uneasy, you can do this with a store rewards card or any other plastic card.

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  • Here's how it works:. I came across this thread on Apple's support communities and had my friend follow it to the letter — minus one step.

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    To my utter shock, my friend called me up the next day saying the SuperDrive was as good as new. Here are the steps he followed.

    DIY How to fix an Apple slot loading CD DVD drive

    I've also marked the step he did not follow: